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Community For Everyone

Founded by Josie in 2023, Soulful Community was established in order to create an eco friendly  space in all senses of the world whereby people can come together to share in the art of mindful living. We share practices that nourish the mind, body and soul rooted in nature, nourishing movement and mindfulness. With great social activities for the entire family, private gatherings and educational programs — our space is a hub of cultural enlightenment. Both one-to-one support and community support is available. Working with Soulful Community means that you will never be alone, no matter how you decide to engage. 

Whether you’re looking for recreational activities, time out of the real world, long or short term volunteer programs, educational enrichment programs, our community has something for everyone . Over time, we aim to provide a tangible space that is built together whereby we can bring all of our offerings into one place. 


This is the beginning of something magical.

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