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Hello, I'm Josie..

I am the co-founder of this community. My journey inward began with yoga, a practice I am passionate about in supporting the connection with your inner self and in turn, supporting healing from within. From there, I have been led down many varied paths in the way of healing and my purpose is to share these practices with you to help you too heal, grow and learn.

This is my story... 

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My Story

It's 2017, I am working tirelessly as a primary school teacher. My life is my work. I love it though I have little time or space to myself. I don't realise this at the time. What I do know is that I am an unhappy state in my relationship, and I have poor health habits. I spend weekends drinking too much, smoking too much, sleeping and eating fast food. I try to tell my then partner how I feel, but it falls on deaf ears and I fall deeper into disconnection with myself. 

And then I went to a yoga class, and as if by magic, something shifted in me. I became aware. I developed an awareness of my inner world and from then I was hooked. I found the courage to leave my relationship where I'd felt neglected for many years and to do something I'd wanted to do for a long time - work internationally. That's what I did. In 2019, I moved abroad to Vietnam.

This came with it's own challenges but the growth of myself as a person was exponential. I trained in the art of yoga and continued deepening the relationship with myself. There were of course ups and downs, setbacks and challenges. Nothing is ever easy, especially during the pandemic. It was during the pandemic that I reconnected with nature. Locked into a foreign country, with closed borders meant only one thing - adventure. This is when I remembered the power of nature. I immediately wanted to share this power with the rest of the people suffering in the cosmopolitan city of Saigon where I lived and so was born the birth of the first retreat. 

After three years, I knew it was time to leave, for my own growth. I completed healing arts training in Bali before heading back to the UK to begin a masters in creative arts therapy. I love hosting retreats; the sense of community and nature is healing in itself. After completing the first year of my masters degree and being back in my beloved homeland for 8 months, I headed back to Vietnam to host yet another retreat where the very first retreat was born. It was there that Soulful Community was born. I am passionate about helping people but not only that, about teaching them. In addition to that, I know the connection with nature has profound benefits on our health. Bringing these aspects into one place is my passion, that is the crux of this community. 

I also love my job working with kids and they will forever be a part of my passion for work. We can learn a lot from children that unfortunately we lose as adults and so working with them, their parents and teachers to help support them in navigating the shifts of this ever changing world is of great importance to me. 

Soulful Community ~ teaching, healing, growing.

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